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What to expect:

During your first session, you will have a thorough health and fitness evaluation and goal assessment. Thereafter, you will have monthly progress reports that will give you positive feedback, encouragement, and motivation to achieve your goals.

With Darlene, you will achieve maximum results in minimum time. The most important element in life is your health. Expect success!

Whether you want to look good for your wedding or vacation, slim down, add lean muscle mass, or if you simply lack the knowledge to design an effective exercise program you should call Darlene. Darlene’s extensive fitness knowledge delivers structure, measurable results, variety, and motivation to your workouts.

We will start with an initial consultation to assess your current state of health and define your fitness goals. This gives us an agreed starting point, and also a benchmark against which to measure our progress. We will change your exercise regularly, not only for variety, but also to allow for continued progression. We will decide if we will do one-on-one training sessions or small group sessions.

We will consistantly have scheduled appointments, which is a discipline that is great for maintaining your motivation. Not only will you have someone else to keep you accountable, you'll also be taking part in a structured and realistic program designed to deliver maximum results in the minimum amount of time. The emphasis will be making your exercise program educational and fun, so that you have the motivation to not only meet, but exceed your goals. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing.

What sets me apart from other trainers?

I’m one of a handful of trainers in the state of Texas who are certified to train cancer clients. I train and teach my clients using form and function without injury. Unlike some trainers who don't look at function. I take a step farther by improving all the aspects of physical health, balance, core strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and nutrition

Benefits of exercise:

-Better quality of life

-Increases sense of well being

-Improves muscle tone

-Reduces body fat and weight loss

-Psychological benefits, including improves self-image and self-esteem

-Lowers numerous health risks including diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol


Darlene’s sessions are the most productive and motivating you will find anywhere.

1. Nutritional Guidance – Ensure proper percentages of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats for higher energy levels and permanent lifestyle changes.

2. Cardio - Work smarter, not harder by using interval training to burn fat and strengthen your heart.

3. Weight Training - Increase lean body mass and sculpt your body into a calorie burning machine by using brief, intense training sessions 3 - 5 x week.

5. Flexibility - Become physically flexible and move through a pain-free range of motion. Relieve aches, pains, and stress that everyday life applies to your body. Darlene will personally teach you myofascial release techniques to help restore normal blood flow to tight muscles and joints.

Take your first step towards getting in shape.

* Darlene’s personal training program includes a free professional fitness consultation, Nutrition Plan, and cardio recommendation.

* With each session building on the other, you'll realize how personal training helps you reach your goals sooner than if you did it alone.

* This program will help you develop correct posture and form, which is important for maximizing every exercise and avoiding injury. After only two sessions you'll already be making progress and learning the fitness building blocks that Darlene utilizes to get her clients results.

* You'll be introduced to free weights, cardio, and core training. Your core – the mid-section between the waist and chest - is involved in every movement you make. So the stronger your core, the better the results of your entire fitness program. This type of training provides a foundation for total body sculpting.

* This complete workout burns calories and builds muscle.

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