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- "As a cancer survivor I am always aware of the fragile state of the life we are given. I am also aware that there are only a few personal trainers who work with people that have experienced the trauma that cancer can bring to your body. Darlene is talented, focused, and kind in her approach. She quickly develops trust because she is so good at what she does. After my surgery where lymph nodes were taken from beneath my arm I had trouble getting my range of motion back with my left arm. Darlene helped me to regain full motion in a short time. I believe Darlene is a “Godsend” in my life." - D Richards

- "I have been working out with Darlene for about 3 years. When I first came to her, I had no experience with weights. I have learned so much from her and have increased my muscle tone immensely! Darlene is always positive and keeps her workouts fun and challenging. She uses a lot of variety, so the workouts never become dull. I'm so glad I found Darlene!" - C Duesterhoft

- "I have been working out with Darlene twice a week for 8 months now & can truly see & feel a difference. She has a special way of targeting specific muscles to get great results. She is also terrific at giving you an alternate exercise, from what the rest of the group is doing, if you are sore or hurting for whatever reason. Darlene makes our workouts fun, informative & the hour goes by quickly. This is the first time in my life that I have worked out consistently, she's amazing!" - D. Proper

- "I just recently had my yearly blood work done, and was comparing my numbers. My Total Cholesterol has come down by 7 points--- that was a combination of bad chol. going down, and good chol. My bad cholesterol went from 107 to 90. I contribute this to a regular routine of weight bearing exercise, I know if I was not committed to you , and the group I would not be doing this on a regular basis." - C. Moore

- "I have been training with Darlene for three years and she has become a regular part of my schedule. She trains with proper technique while avoiding anything too strenuous for your body or situation. Having an appointment with Darlene is the only way - you will see results with her!" - M. Penley

- "Darlene helped me recover and gain use of my arm back after breast cancer surgery. Also, she helped me obtain my weight goal and helps keep me motivated. I highly recommend Darlene for your personal fitness needs." - S. Hardin

- "I highly recommend Darlene Thurm as a personal trainer. In even a short session, Darlene is able to max out a client's cardio while being keenly aware of the client's range of motion during various exercises. You will receive a challenging varied workout, but the sessions are always fun and safe. Darlene is genuinely concerned about her client's health and she is super highly accredited as a personal trainer. I do not hesitate to describe her as 'the consummate personal trainer'." - R. Lane

- "Darlene is amazing! I came to her in 2006 when I was overweight and needed some serious changes in my life. She helped me lose 60lbs thanks to her weight loss plan and fantastic physical training. I highly recommend her! She is very knowledgeable and will help you reach your fitness goals. She keeps you accountable and encouraged throughout the whole process! Thanks Darlene!" - A. Tonkin

- "I work out with Darlene twice a week. She has done a great job over the past 6 years modifying the work out for my body. Everyone has different needs and those needs also change. Darlene keeps up with her education and I can even go in for a workout when I have knee or back issues and she can modify the workout and keep me coming. Great PT. I like most that she is attentive during the workout." - C. Saha

- "Darlene simply put is the best of the best. She is a great motivator and encourager. You will enjoy her simple approach to weight training. I just wish that I had started sooner." - T. Morgan

- "Darlene is a great personal trainer! I started working out with her several years ago and it was just what I needed to reach my weight loss goal. Darlene gave me the extra coaching and nutrition advice that I needed. She will work with you one on one or you can take one of her classes...lots of fun and challenging! Give her a call!" - K. French

- "Darlene is a great personal trainer. She pays attention to detail and sees that you do every move correctly. She is a great accountability partner to hold you to a workout routine. You will not regret using Darlene as a personal trainer." - K. Noltensmeyer

- "Ms. Thurm is a great, professional Trainer. She is excellent in teaching and demonstrating a new exercise. The client has her total attention when learning a new exercise to be sure it is being done effectively and SAFELY. I have experienced this myself and have seen Ms. Thurm do this with a number of new clients. If you are looking for a truly great, professional Trainer, I recommend Ms.Thurm!" - C. Maune

- "Darlene is a good person and great help with my weight loss. She always leads me in the right direction when I am needing help. She has encouraged me over the years when I was losing my will power to keep up my new and healthy eating style, she has encouraged me to exercise to keep my muscle tone. She has told me and other people how proud she is of my 85 pound weight loss, she makes me want to keep going. Thank you Darlene!" - L. Hawthorne

- "Darlene is an excellent personal trainer who is always there to help you through a work out. She is also wonderful just to work out with because she can find those little bitty things about YOU that need to be worked on. I started working out with her in '06 and I've lost everything I've wanted. She is just a wonderful person to be around and I would recommend her to anyone!" - B. Smith

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