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About Waist Management
Waist Management provides personal training for Richmond, Sugar Land, Rosenberg and surrounding areas for women and men who want to make fitness a priority, but are discouraged by conventional area gyms.

Centrally located in a stylish studio near Hwy 59/Grand Parkway, Waist Management offers a comfortable, non-intimidating facility, free of the distractions and crowds of health clubs and typical gyms.

In this inviting setting, a nationally certified personal trainer will create custom-tailored fitness programs ranging from weight training, cardio and nutritional counseling, designed to meet your fitness goals.

From the novice exerciser to the elite, Waist Management can help you get your fitness goals on track!

As a qualified and nationally certified personal trainer since 2001, Darlene has been getting the residents of Sugar Land, Richmond and surrounding areas fit, one body at a time. Darlene has worked with clients before and after surgery for weight loss, knee, hip and shoulder issues and cancer and lymphedema.


BCSM -PFIT (Baylor College of Sports Medicine) - Personal Trainer 

NASM (National Academy of sports medicine) - Personal Trainer

ACE-(American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer 

ACE (American Council on Exercise) Orthopedic Specialist

ACE- (American Council on Exercise) Health Coach, Nutritionist

ACE-(American Council on Exercise) Medical Exercise Specialist

ACE-(American Council on Exercise) Cancer Training Specialist

ACSM (American College of sports medicine)-Orthopedic Specialist

CPR/1St Aid (American Heart) - Certified Training Instructor

About Darlene
As a personal trainer, we'll create a plan that helps you lose weight and shape up.

Darlene Miller (Thurm) is a highly respected personal trainer in the Sugar Land and Richmond area and has become a local fitness expert for weight management, nutrition, and human performance.

Darlene has been in the health and fitness industry since 2002. She has trained a variety of clients and has been a local spokesperson for cancer rehabilitation and prevention. Darlene runs a thriving Personal training business and American Heart CPR & First Aid business.

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We’re proud to be a Sugar Land and Richmond area-based business. Come by and visit; we’re here for you!

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